Clutter takes up too much space

in our homes, minds, time, and eventually our landfills


Live Simply

Stuff takes up too much of our space and time.
I want to inspire you to live with only what is worth it, making more space in your life.

Live Sustainably

I help you sustainably get rid of your old stuff and create more intentionality with the stuff you bring in to your home.

Live with Joy

It's time to focus on the things that matter. When we release the clutter we can cherish the stuff that brings us Joy!

Hi I'm Steph!

You've got alot on your plate and you deserve to have a home that feels restorative to you. I love transforming areas of clutter into organised spaces to enjoy. I can teach you how to do it yourself in my decluttering program or provide services in your home within the wider Brisbane Area. 

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