I've created these free resources to  support you on a journey to a simpler, more sustainable, organised life 

Know how to get rid of stuff sustainably

Decluttering Waste Guide

Master PDF resource list of Australian options and initiatives to get your old stuff reused or recycled

Let's reduce waste!
Have an eco-minimalist christmas

Christmas Planning Kit

PDF guide, Trello board Template & Audio podcast helping you have a lighter holiday season, on you and the planet.

I want a lighter Christmas!
Get better at deciding what to keep

Decluttering Decision Making Cheatsheet

10 questions to ask yourself when you get to items that are tricky to make decisions on

Download to keep handy
Clean up your digital environment

60 minute Digital Decluttering Challenge

6x 10 minute tasks for parts of your digital life. Grab a timer and make a difference!

Declutter my digital life!
Declutter 3 cutter-magnets your home

Clutter Magnets PDF

Instructions for sorting out your kitchen basin, beside table and kitchen bench.

Help me make quick wins!
Use tiny habits for big impact

Eco Home Habits

PDF with the 9 habits you can start solidifying into your home lifestyle

Try these habits