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Hi, I'm Steph!

I am a professional organiser, decluttering teacher, host of the Sort it Out Sustainably Podcast, mother, and certified (okay not really) nature freak.

I believe in a future where our stuff doesn't get produced to get 'consumed' and end up in landfill. There are already so many great initiatives that can give your old stuff new life. 

That's why I created this resource so that you can free yourself from clutter while minimising what you send to landfills. 

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Got Questions

Many of these waste reduction solutions are Brisbane based, but many are Australia-Wide or have interstate equivalents.

If you are elsewhere in the world you can use this guide as inspiration for types of initiatives and then check if there is something similar in your area.

Use the power of the community to find sustainable decluttering solutions in your area. Facebook groups, and Reddit, are examples of spaces you’re likely to find local solutions.


You can ask a question like "What are the best local options to donate such and such items". You could ask in sustainability groups, minimalism groups, or even a Facebook community page for a local area.

Remove the guilt of sending things to landfill. If there are really no options to give some stuff new life;

Let it be a pivotal experience for you to become more intentional with what you allow into your home so you can reduce waste moving forward. 


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