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If I have not met you yet, I am your newest cheerleader on your journey of creating a more sustainable life. I believe that the crap we allow to continue to surround yourself with, gets in the way for us focusing on what bring us joy and living to our full potential.

I love (what me and many others call) abundant minimalism and sustainability. Minimalism to me, is not about living with a cushion on the ground and owning 5 outfits. It's about living with just the things that add to your life. And sustainability to me, is not about shaming each other for buying something in plastic. We don't need a few people practicing eco-living perfectly. We need millions doing it imperfectly.

I am passionate about helping others make huge transformations in their lives. I believe the most impactful season in life to make the shift is in preparation for becoming  parent. Looking after another human is a both a blessing and a responsibility. When we simplify our lives we have the clarity to let it be easy and enjoyable

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Let me tell you a story about where I have come from

About 5 years ago, my partner was away at a course and I was attempting to clean my room one night. I ended up giving up and sleeping on a camping mattress on the floor to avoid dealing with the pile of crap on my bed. I repeated this the next 2 nights until my friend Laura came to stay the night and had no choice but to help me finish tidying to have somewhere to sleep that night. I wish I could say that was a out of character event.

Flash forward to now...
and I am a Professional Organiser

What happened? Over the years I discovered techniques and philosophies that make organisation easy.  I'm not here to say my home is spotless all the time but every couple of days I spend just 15 minutes and return everything in the house back to where it belongs.  This is how I live now even with a baby.

Let me tell you.... minimalism saved me as a new mum. 
There is no way I could do everything I do and feel the way I do with a house full of clutter. 

Busting Cloth Nappy Myths

Busting Cloth Nappy Myths

Jan 24, 2021

Busting Cloth Nappy Myths

Jan 24, 2021

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