Hi I'm Steph!

I'm a eco-geek who loves simplifying and organising.
I teach decluttering to others, who want to rebel from the consumerist culture and start living a more intentional life.
I am and advocator of having a life surrounded by the things that you love and letting go of the things you don't.
Unlike of decluttering coaches, one of my main focuses is giving items that you are breaking up with, a new home to be loved in rather than ending up rotting in a landfill site.
What I am all about is creating simplicity, sustainability AND Joy in your home so you can live a life closer to your full potential.
I am available for in-person organising sessions in the Brisbane area as  well as providing DIY help with my courses, and Podcast.

I, like many of us, became increasingly concerned by the state of the planet.

Especially know that all of our participation in unsustainable consumption is only making the problems of the world worse and we aren't any happier for it.

Most people feel like a slave to their home and can't keep up with the clutter.

The good news is we don't need to be a slave to the stuff! We can create an environment and lifestyle that truly supports our life and future life on earth.

I created Sort it Out Sustainably to help make that a reality for as many people as I can.

I haven't always been into eco-minimalism


In fact, as a teenager my dad once payed me $200 to tidy my room it was that messy (thanks Dad!) and I would actually litter on purpose because I was lazy WTF!

So what happened?

Over a about 7 years over moving from quirky house to quirky house about 11 times (including living in a 2Mx3M hemp hut) I had learned and developed techniques and philosophies that made decluttering easy.

I was so obsessed with the whole decluttering, organizing, sustainability thing that I turned it into my full time occupation. 

My vision for the future of this planet is one of peace, prosperity and natural abundance. 
It might be hard to imagine that with the current trajectory of humanity but it is possible with with the promotion and participation in what does align with that and removal of what works against that.
We need to do this on an individual level too, focusing on the important stuff and removing what isn't.
That's where finding your own version of minimalism comes in!

Abby, Texas USA

"WOW! Before working with Steph, my space had become such a mess and I was really intimidated to get started decluttering. I’d read multiple fengshui and decluttering books, and while they inspired me greatly, nothing ever stuck! By the time I started working with her, I was feeling resigned about my closet tornado. But something about Steph changed all of that for me... She brought so much lightness, fun and ease to the process. On day 1 of following Steph's strategy, I quickly became addicted. I started thinking about cleaning all the time and looking forward to cleaning all day. Within days, my closet had transformed!!!!!! And 5 months later, it’s still IMPECCABLE. I cannot thank you enough Steph, your work has been so life changing for me!"

Cut Clutter & Cultivate Joy


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