Sort It Out Sustainably

Sort It Out Sustainably

Hosted by: Steph Maguire

Clutter takes up so much space in our homes, minds, time and eventually our landfills. We live in a world that has shaped us into consumers, on a planet that can't sustain the consumption. I am Steph Maguire, and...

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Ep 9: What type of minimalist are you?

I've recently created a quiz you can take to find out what type of minimalist you are You can take the quiz here : In this episode I go through the 4 types you might be and...
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Ep 8: Your husband is NOT the reason you are not a minimalist

In the world of decluttering, intentional living, and minimalism I see something time and time again that I want to kind of debunk today. So many people say "My husband is the reason I am not a minimalist" What im...
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Ep 7: You can LOVE STUFF and do minimalism

I love stuff too much to be a minimalist Intro I have definitely hear people say that before. I practice minimalism. And the thing is, i love stuff. In this episode I am diving into how you can do minimalism and love...
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Ep 6: Mums need to declutter

Many women stepping into motherhood feel pressure to start buying so many things filling their house to be a "proper family home". I am here to tell you that what society's norms are not working and the 300,000 items...
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Ep 5: Sustainability & Minimalism

If you have been following me for a little while you might have noticed that I am passionate about both minimalism and sustainability. The two subjects are actually completely integrated with each other at their core...
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Ep 4: Don't Make These Minimalism Mistakes

If you are starting a journey towards minimalism, then, like anything you might have concerns about if you are approaching it the right way. While there is no right way to do minimalism... I think there are kinda...
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Ep 3: Minimalism Practices that have nothing to do with stuff

While it's probably true that possessions are the main part of minimalism, it is totally not true that minimalism is just about stuff. If it was, there would be no way I would be so passionate about it. Minimalism is...
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Ep 2: 3 Clutter Magnets in Your Home (and what to do about them)

If you do a big tidy your home and 3 days or even 3 hours later it feels cluttered again, you have come to the right spot. Some areas of our home feel like literal clutter magnets and I am going to identify 3 of the...
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Ep 1: Quitting Fast Fashion

Welcome to the very first episode of the sort it out sustainably podcast. In this episode, I am talking all bout a 90-day detox I am doing that i invite you to join me in too. This is a detox from fast fashion... an...
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