Ep 29: Why Decluttering is Hard (and what to do about it)

Decluttering can be hard!

Not gonna lie

But there are approaches you can take to do it with more ease. 

In this episode I share:
 - Many reasons decluttering can be hard 
 - Solutions to making those reasons easier
 - Little tips you can put into your toolbelt for decluttering
 - Mindset shifts to help you change the relationship you have with your stuff


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Other cool shit to check out:

Do you find it difficult to make decisions on what should stay or go while decluttering?
I created a PDF decision-making cheatsheet that you can keep handy for when you get to those tricky items. https://www.sortitoutsustainably.com/decluttering-questions

And If you are interested in completely revolutionising your relationship with stuff by decluttering your entire home, then I have course for that too. Join the waitlist: https://www.sortitoutsustainably.com/enroll 



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