Ep 28: Quitting Fast Fashion

Welcome to the rerecording of the very first episode of the sort it out sustainably podcast. In this episode, I am talking all bout a 90-day detox I am doing that I invite you to join me in too.

This is a detox from fast fashion... an addiction that most of us have in Western countries, no matter our income. Even if you don't have an addiction to fast fashion, you probably have at least a bad habit of shopping from fast fashion rather than second-hand clothing.

I discuss:
- 3 main reasons why I am quitting fast fashion
- 7 alternatives to source clothing

DM me on Instagram if you are doing your own version of this challenge (I'd love to hear that I've inspired you! www.instagram.com/sortitoutsustainably)

Other cool shit to check out:

Do you find it difficult to make decisions on what should stay or go while decluttering?
I created a PDF decision-making cheatsheet that you can keep handy for when you get to those tricky items.

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