Organising and Decluttering for NDIS Participants

Sort it Out Sustainably helps transform spaces from a source of stress and overwhelm to a functional and supportive home environment.

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Declutter all of the 'stuff' that is robbing you of your space and time in your home

Decluttering playroom. Organiser brisbane

Get Organised

Have your stuff sorted into systems where everything has a place to belong

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Go Green

Give new life to your clutter and reduce your consumption habits moving forward

helping families get organised in brisbane

Elliminate overwhelm

Feel supported by your home and get out of the cycle of feeling like a slave supporting your house

What we can help NDIS participants to:

  • Evaluate their home organizational challenges and priorities and develop a plan to work toward goals.
  • Organise and declutter their home. Before and after pictures can be provided
  • Manage paper and digital clutter
  • Work on systems to meet their needs so their homes are functioning better for them
  • Do the hand-on organising that the client is unable to do
  • Upskill on methods of staying organised
  • OVERALL make the clients daily living easier

Have we met yet?

I'm Steph and I am an advocator of having a life surrounded by the things you love and letting go of those you don't.

I know how much you have on your plate and you deserve to have a home that feels restorative to you.

I'd love to support you on your journey to a more joyful home!

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"Cannot recommend Steph highly enough! She is a superstar organizer. Professional and prompt. She even provided a comprehensive list of items to make the process of organizing my home that much more efficient.
Do yourself a favour and pick her if your place is in need of a complete over haul like mine was Thank you Steph! "

- Zoe, Wynum

"Steph did an amazing job!! She has such an intuitive sense of space and reorganised my whole garage and set up a good framework of where things should live with labels! A definite must for anyone trying to tackle clutter!"

-Amelia, Bardon

"A+++++! Steph was amazing! She organised our very cluttered and chaotic garage in just a few hours and arrived equipped with organising gear (a Dymo labeller, pens, paper etc) plus such a wonderful attitude. She needed very little guidance and worked so quickly. Would definitely recommend "

-Anne, Hamilton

How this works:

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Say NO to:

  • Continued stress and overwhelm cause by your house
  • Doing more housework than you need to
  • Wasted space, time, energy, money to manage the mess
  • Mental overstimunation from a cluttered environment
  • Not feeling like you want to invite people into your space

Say YES to:

  • Feeling in control of your environment
  • Gaining more time back to spend doing the things you love
  • More intentionality with the stuff you own
  • Sustainably getting rid of your old stuff
  • Systems that support function and flow in your days
Download Info & Pricing PDF

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