Why I am doing a 90-day detox!?


Doing a detox... but not the kind you would think.


This is a detox from fast fashion... an addiction that most of us have in Western countries, no matter our income.


Even if you don’t have an addiction to fast fashion, you probably have at least a bad habit. A habit of needing o wanting a new piece of clothing and immediately going to buy it new from the shops or online, instead of getting something already in circulation.


So what's this #fashiondetox?

I didn't make it up. I am joining 20,000 other awesome humans in pledging to not buy any new clothing from July till September. 3 months. 90 days. It is part of a movement of promotion of slow fashion rather than fast fashion.


3 reasons I am doing it:


1. To reduce ecological damage that I purchase into existence

Even though I am an advocator for the environment, minimalism, and circular economy... I feel that in the last year or so clothes have been my downfall. With my changing body through pregnancy and breastfeeding, I replaced a lot of clothing I had with convenient purchases from the major shopping center near my house. By not buying any new clothes for 3 months I will not be contributing to the ecological damage that comes with that production. From chemical cotton farming to synthetic fiber production, to all the emissions created in processing and shipping them all.


2. To not support the mistreatment of people

Pretty much the majority of clothes we buy were made by poorly paid workers in working conditions that we would not accept here in Australia. While there is a demand for more and more cheap clothes, there will be an industry of exploited workers. I want to stop supporting the industry long-term, but a 3-month cold turkey detox will help me practice better ways.


3. To avoid clothes landing in the landfill

While I personally donate or recycle 95% of clothes I am done with, by not buying any new clothes I am not adding to the number of clothes in circulation which are mostly destined for landfill.  There is also a lot of fabric waste in the production of garments before they even get to me. By acquiring pre-loved clothing I am also deterring those from landfills.


How does it work?


So will you join me in the detox?

If 20.000 people commit, we can save the equivalent of up to 750 million liters of water and 2.5 million kilograms of CO2 emissions. Let's create a wave of change together: if all of us commit to taking action, we will all truly do it.

Sign up here https://www.slowfashion.global/



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