Why minimalism is good for kids

decluttering minimalism Jun 21, 2021

While we might know of how minimalism can benefit us grown-ups, you might be wondering how and if minimalism can benefit kids?


Some might argue that minimalism is the kind of thing that is a fully personal decision and you shouldn't 'force' that onto children.


If you understand what minimalism is truly about (having a home surrounded by only what adds to your life), then you will too agree that it makes for a beneficial element of a healthy home and lifestyle for children. Here are 5 reasons your kids could benefit from your family adopting a more minimalist life:


Reason #1- They get more of the real you

Having less clutter in your home will save you so much time in your home duties and your home will feel better, meaning that you will be less stressed and more available. When we are chasing our tail around an overwhelming messy house, we are less available for being the real version of ourselves that our kids love.


Reason #2- Sharing and community

With minimalism, you are not living in the mindset of accumulating as many things that you could ever need. You are noticing what you actually need and directing excess resources to others who need them. Borrowing and sharing are normalised.


Reason #3- Improves Creativity

Studies have shown that kids who had fewer toys played longer and more creatively than kids with many toys. Kids naturally have the ability to play and imagine and have fun doing so. Everything in our environment is processed by our brains so less extra-stimuli lets our kids focus more. Also, with seemingly unlimited toys, children can become dependant on receiving gratification from the toys giving them an experience rather than using toys imaginatively.


Reason #4- Gratitude

Minimalism nurtures a different relationship with our stuff. We keep things we appreciate and value how they serve us while having the awareness that if something is not serving us, that someone else would be grateful to use it. Having less stuff, makes us look after and see value in what we have... Who wouldn't want to help our children cultivate more gratitude?


Reason #5- Protect them against mindless consumerism

When we were growing up, we were bombarded with advertisements and consumptive culture and it didn't have a very good effect on us. Nowadays, with artificial intelligence algorithmic ads and next-day shipping with a click of a button, our kids are growing up in an even more toxic consumeristic world. Nurturing minimalist values in our kids will protect from becoming a mindless consumer.


In summary, minimalism can help kids live a holistically more joyful life. It is not about restriction but is about simplicity and freedom.


To get started on a more minimalist lifestyle at home with kids, you don't want to go and just take away most of their stuff. You want to make sure that you and your stuff are aligned with your life and values before going and try a change your kids.


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