4 things to do to before decluttering

decluttering minimalsm Dec 05, 2020

A common problem people face when decluttering is starting, getting overwhelmed, and giving up. With a little bit of preparation, you can avoid this and power through the decluttering confidently.

If you are wanting to declutter, before you start going through your house like a mad man, do these 4 things:

1. Get clear your why

You should be clear on why you even want to do this. Do you want to be more intentional with the belongings you own, clear the clutter from your space and spend less time on housework? Maybe you have a baby coming and you want to simplify your house to focus more on snuggles with a newborn and less time on looking for things in piles of crap you didn't know you had.

Have a realistic vision for how you want your house to feel and let that drive you giving you more clarity of the bigger picture when you get stuck making little decisions. What is your intention? Are you just wanting to create a bit more space in your home or a particular area? Or beginning a...

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