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  • Scary facts on Christmas clutter and waste
  • Permission-giving perspectives to opt-out of cultural pressures of the silly season 
  • Tips and action steps to prepare for a holiday filled with more joy, avoiding clutter, and being kinder to the earth 
  • Ideas for eco-friendly and minimalist ways to do decorations, events, traditions, gifts, wrapping and more
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Hi, I'm Steph!

I am a professional organiser, decluttering teacher, host of the Sort it Out Sustainably Podcast, mother, and certified (okay not really) nature freak.

There are things that I do love about Christmas time and things I really don't like about our consumerist culture that get pretty full-on during the holiday season. I love being able to opt out of the pressure to go all out with Christmas and enjoy a festive time that aligns with my values

I've made this guide so you can do the same. So feel free (yes it actually is free) to download this mini e-book style document to prepare for greener and more minimalist festivities this year.

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