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I challenge you to spend 10 minutes on:

  • Your Computer files
  • Emails
  • Instagram following list
  • Facebook notifications
  • Phone apps
  • Phone Photos
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Hi, I'm Steph!

I am a professional organiser, decluttering teacher, host of the Sort it Out Sustainably Podcast, mother, and certified (okay not really) nature freak.

As I discussed on episode 24 of the 'Sort it Out Sustainably' podcast, digital clutter has some serious effects on our personal lives, as well as actually having an effect on the planet. 

This 1-hour challenge is a really fun, easy challenge where you spend 10 minutes in one type of digital clutter and then move on, creating some impactful lightness in 6 parts of your digital life.

You will need a timer (the app on your phone is fine) and you'll be working in 6 10-minute parts. For 10 minutes you will be sorting, deleting, and organizing a part of your digital life before moving on to the next 10-minute challenge. 

It can be easy to get distracted going down memory lane, or down a social media rabbit hole. So remember...

Stay on track for this hour and then you can go back to all that after the 60-minute challenge is over.

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