Do you want to live your own version of minimalism?

Imagine radically shifting your relationship with clutter and unsustainable consumption in just a few hours! 
That is what this mini-course can do!

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Discover your core values

and how you can audit and organise your home to live more aligned with those values

Get in & start decluttering

with a 45 minute rapid decluttering session to start removing the excess stuff from your home

Get rid of stuff sustainably

learn about the circular economy & how to keep goods in the loop

Change your consumption habbits

bringing more awareness to the impact of  your purchases

Do you want to start living more aligned with your values?

Much of our habits around stuff are created by the consumerist culture that surrounds us.

Minimalism is about creating a life around us that is more aligned with our values and ditching anything that distracts us from that.

This mini-course is designed to help you become more aware of the impact of your stuff on your own life and the world around us. 

The Radical Shift Weekend

This minimalism mini-course is a program of 4 lessons (each just under 10 minutes long) with downloadable PDFs to help you radically shift your relationship with stuff and the impact your consumption has on the planet. If you want to transition to a clutter-free, sustainable lifestyle; this is the course for you! 

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Meet the instructor:

 I am Steph Maguire
As a professional organiser (specialising is minimal and sustainability) I see people know  that they want to live more simply and more sustainability... but get totally overwhelmed when trying to shift their habits around stuff because they don't have the foundations right.

That's why I created this program!

Your purchase helps plant 11 tress

You will be helping the environment before you even do the course! Each purchase includes a donation to Eden Reforestation Projects funding the planting of plants 11 trees in Madagascar, where only 10% of forests are remaining. 

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