7 Alternatives to fast fashion

It's slow fashion season!

"What is slow fashion season," you say? 

Well, every season should be slow fashion season really. 

But, each year you can put yourself to a challenge by ditching fast fashion and buying no new clothes for 90 days. 


>>> Click to read about why I am doing a #fashiondetox (link)


If you too like the sound of breaking your bad habit of going to clothing shops IRL or online when you want something new, I have made a list of alternatives for you to get your fashion fix!


  1. The good ol' Op shop

At first glance, op shops seem to be filled with unflattering ganny clothes, but if get digging you can really find some gems! They are a collection of hundreds of people's pre-loved clothing so chances are each op shop has stuff you might like. Duck into op shops often to increase your chances of finding some nice stuff.


  1. Pre-loved Fashion markets

I've found the best stuff at little stalls where people are selling their clothes. Sometimes I have even bought things for a few dollars and worn them for years. Check Facebook for events near you or post on a local FB page asking if anyone knows of any coming up. 


  1. Facebook Market Place

You can find clothes people are selling in your local area without leaving your Facebook feed. Gumtree works too but most sellers stick to FB nowadays. My baby's entire wardrobe was acquired from a few cheap bundles on the marketplace. 


  1. Second-Hand clothing Apps

Apps like 'Postmark' and 'dePop' are the closest thing to online shopping in the circular economy. You can browse clothes that will fit you and have them shipped to your door


  1. Borrowing Clothing

If you want to get a new outfit for one event, why have it sit in your closet collecting dust afterward? Borrow something from a friend or utilise one of the outfit rental sites that have popped up in recent years. 


  1. Host a clothing swap

What better way to celebrate your no new clothing challenge than hosting a clothing swap! Invite your friends over to bring all the clothes they don't want anymore and hang out while choosing a new priceline to bring home to their wardrobe. 


  1. Shop your wardrobe

This should have really been the first alternative because it is so important. You have been collecting clothes for years to your own style and they are all there waiting for you in your closet. Maybe take this opportunity to do a big declutter so you can curate your wardrobe, knowing you would wear anything that is in there. 

If you are up for a 3-month no-new-clothes challenge. Go sign up here >>> (link)


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