7 Alternatives to fast fashion

It's slow fashion season!

"What is slow fashion season," you say? 

Well, every season should be slow fashion season really. 

But, each year you can put yourself to a challenge by ditching fast fashion and buying no new clothes for 90 days. 


>>> Click to read about why I am doing a #fashiondetox (link)


If you too like the sound of breaking your bad habit of going to clothing shops IRL or online when you want something new, I have made a list of alternatives for you to get your fashion fix!


  1. The good ol' Op shop

At first glance, op shops seem to be filled with unflattering ganny clothes, but if get digging you can really find some gems! They are a collection of hundreds of people's pre-loved clothing so chances are each op shop has stuff you might like. Duck into op shops often to increase your chances of finding some nice stuff.


  1. Pre-loved Fashion markets

I've found the best stuff at little stalls where people are selling...

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3 Natural Ingredients to Clean Everything

minimalism swapsswaps May 24, 2021

Most people have a cleaning cupboard full of many different products with most of them containing kind of toxic ingredients. Especially, when some ingredients are known for being carcinogens or endocrine disruptors, you might want to swap out mainstream cleaners for natural alternatives. 


You could replace all the different products with eco-products and pay sometimes double or triple the price... Or you can do what I do and have a minimalist collection of simple ingredients that you can use on pretty much anything.


So here are my 3 versatile minimalist cleaning ingredients: 


#1 Vinegar

I basically clean everything with vinegar. 

The acidic nature of vinegar can dissolve mineral deposits, dirt, grease, and grime and kill bacteria. It does smell like vinegar but the smell disappears not long after cleaning. It's really cheap and super accessible being found in every supermarket. There are a few things you should use Bi-carb on though like hardwood...

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9 Wasteful Baby Items (with alternatives)

baby pregnancy swapsswaps Oct 03, 2020

Each person's lifestyle can either have a beneficial or detrimental impact on the environment. The environmental impact most babies have, before they are even at an age where they can consent to their lifestyle, is enormous. I started 'Sort it Out Sustainably' to empower, encourage and guide new mothers to live in a home that is simple and joyful, while being as sustainable as she can so the next generation can grow up in a better world. So let's bust some ideas around what we should be using for our babies and talk about some less wasteful substitutes to use instead.

1. Nappies

Let's get the elephant in the room out of the way. 3.7 billion nappies go into landfill each year within Australia and New Zealand alone. This makes up about 5% of the total landfill mass... Even though we only wear nappies for 2 years of our lives! Traditional disposable nappies are made from plastics and synthetic materials that take HUNDREDS of years to break down.

The Alternative to disposables is ...

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