Tips Decluttering with a Baby

baby decluttering minimalsm Feb 15, 2021

New mums need minimalism

Being a new mum, you are responsible for another human's life 24/7, looking after a house and the people in it, and whatever else you have going on, too. It can all get overwhelming just managing all the things we need to manage, let alone managing all the things we really don't need. Mums have 1000 things on their minds to manage every day already and cannot afford clutter robbing us of any more of our time, mental space, money, and happiness. We need to simplify.


Understand what you will gain by letting go

Before trying to declutter (especially with how hard it can be getting it done with a baby), we need to get clear on our 'why?'.  You need to know that by letting go of all that doesn't serve you, that your life will be filled with SO MUCH MORE JOY. Almost every task in your home will be simplified and take less time and mental processing. Decluttering will make your home feel so supportive instead of feeling like you are in an endless...

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Minimalism is Motherhood's Best Friend


Many women stepping into motherhood feel pressure to start buying so many things filling their house to be a "proper family home." I am here to tell you that society's norms are not working and the 300,000 items in an average home (in the USA and I am sure Australia is similar) are slowly robbing women of feeling the best they can in their homes. And yes, there have been studies done that show women are more affected by clutter than men.

My journey into motherhood came at ease and while amazing support from those around me was a huge contributor, I do not think I would have had the same experience if my home was not set up to support me as well. So let me share some of the reasons that make minimalism motherhood's best friend.


More Stuff = More Time

Everything you own takes up a little bit of time by owning them. Some items we own take up a lot of time, like the dishes, for example. We spend a while each day washing them and putting them away. Other items take up only...

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Busting Cloth Nappy Myths

baby minimalism Jan 24, 2021


There are a lot of arguments against cloth nappies out there and I wanted to clear some misconceptions up around the topic. I've made this little article to share the truth about 6 common ideas people have about using reusable nappies. Let's get down to business and bust some myths!


Myth 1: They are gross

Do you know what's gross? Human waste trapped in synthetic material for hundreds of years inside a putrid landfill. About THREE THOUSAND of them a year for one baby!

With cloth nappies, the waste gets washed off (back to nature if your waster is directed to the garden and treated by council water treatment facilities if it just goes down the drain) and then the clean nappy is good to use again (and again for years).

Did you know it's estimated that 5% of our landfills are just dirty nappies... Pretty gross!


Myth 2: They are hard to make work

They are definitely not part of the mainstream culture so the norm is to think that maintaining nappies are a lot...

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Things you were told you need for a baby but don't

baby minimalism Nov 06, 2020

With literally thousands of articles online telling you what you need for your baby, you would be spending a fortune if you got everything you were told you need. I'm here to release some of that pressure you feel as you are trying to do what best for your baby and yourself while managing motherhood.


I've created this list of 15 items you'll find on suggested baby supplies lists that coming from someone who's 'been there done that', you don't really need. Of course, read my explanations and evaluate whether what I am saying is relevant to you.

1. Baby bath

I feel really guilty I got my dad to buy me a $50 collapsible baby bath when he asked me if there was anything else I needed for the baby.  I used it 3 times. My baby preferred to go in the actual big bath with me or if I want to get the washing process over quickly just take the baby in the shower with me. Many people use a clean sink and a bath for their bub.

2. Baby food maker

Firstly, usually babies don't...

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9 Wasteful Baby Items (with alternatives)

baby pregnancy swapsswaps Oct 03, 2020

Each person's lifestyle can either have a beneficial or detrimental impact on the environment. The environmental impact most babies have, before they are even at an age where they can consent to their lifestyle, is enormous. I started 'Sort it Out Sustainably' to empower, encourage and guide new mothers to live in a home that is simple and joyful, while being as sustainable as she can so the next generation can grow up in a better world. So let's bust some ideas around what we should be using for our babies and talk about some less wasteful substitutes to use instead.

1. Nappies

Let's get the elephant in the room out of the way. 3.7 billion nappies go into landfill each year within Australia and New Zealand alone. This makes up about 5% of the total landfill mass... Even though we only wear nappies for 2 years of our lives! Traditional disposable nappies are made from plastics and synthetic materials that take HUNDREDS of years to break down.

The Alternative to disposables is ...

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