Pandemic Babies: Pregnancy in The Age of Corona Virus

pregnancy Jan 02, 2021


Who knew how much could change in 9 months?

At the beginning of 2020, I was pregnant and had never heard of coronavirus. By February, I was seeing a lot of memes about a new sickness and hearing a lot of jokes about beer. By March, half the world was shutting down, with millions not allowed to leave their homes unless for essential services. And then the rest of 2020 became the strangest year most for almost everyone around the world.

Having the most significant personal event in my life synch up with the most significant global event in my lifetime was an interesting experience, to say the least. So I have written this article to shine a light on the experiences of the mothers giving birth to the babies born in the age of coronavirus. I had other mothers share their experiences with me too.

Fear of The Unknown & Mental Health

Pregnancy is already a highly emotional time protecting your health that protects your baby. Risks are taken so much more seriously and our number...

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9 Wasteful Baby Items (with alternatives)

baby pregnancy swapsswaps Oct 03, 2020

Each person's lifestyle can either have a beneficial or detrimental impact on the environment. The environmental impact most babies have, before they are even at an age where they can consent to their lifestyle, is enormous. I started 'Sort it Out Sustainably' to empower, encourage and guide new mothers to live in a home that is simple and joyful, while being as sustainable as she can so the next generation can grow up in a better world. So let's bust some ideas around what we should be using for our babies and talk about some less wasteful substitutes to use instead.

1. Nappies

Let's get the elephant in the room out of the way. 3.7 billion nappies go into landfill each year within Australia and New Zealand alone. This makes up about 5% of the total landfill mass... Even though we only wear nappies for 2 years of our lives! Traditional disposable nappies are made from plastics and synthetic materials that take HUNDREDS of years to break down.

The Alternative to disposables is ...

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