The Battle between Minimalism and Sustainability

My platform is very much a merger of cross-promotion of both minimalism and sustainability. In many ways, the two practices overlap by default.  But there are also ways that they can contradict each other and that's what I am writing about today.


Here are some common battles between 'Minimalism' and 'sustainability':


Disposable Minimalism


Let's get the elephant in the room out the way first. Minimalism is very much associated with the idea of less. However, in the pursuit of less, some people will throw things away... ending up buried in the earth in toxic landfills. What is even worse is having a disposable rotation of stuff to maintain 'minimalist' living. This is not the kind of minimalism that I promote.


Not my stuff, Not my problem- Minimalism


This very much ties into the above point. We need to think of minimalism holistically, not just what we own. A flawed version of minimalism is not owning a few reusable coffee cups because it...

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We Don't Need Sustainability

Now, I know my business name is Sort it Out Sustainably, so it might sound contradictory for me to say we don't need sustainability. 

I do not mean let's not be sustainable.

I mean let's be more than sustainable because sustainability alone won't work.


The definition of sustainability

What it means to be able to sustain, is to be able to keep going with what we are doing. Right now humans are continuing to cause harm to the planet and it is very unsustainable.

The scientific predictions of what the future on the planet looks like if we keep harming it, are really quite scary.

Sustainability seems to very much entail doing no harm, however, it doesn't encompass making the situation better.


The damage already done

We are, currently, so far removed from being sustainable than just implementing sustainability will not reverse the damage already done. We have cut down most of the world's forests, polluted the waterways, washed all the topsoil away, filled the ocean...

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