Ep 8: Your husband is NOT the reason you are not a minimalist

In the world of decluttering, intentional living, and minimalism I see something time and time again that I want to kind of debunk today.

So many people say "My husband is the reason I am not a minimalist"

What im talking about here can be applied to any dynamic of two or more people living in the same house regardless of gender or relationship status: A man who's female partner is not interested in minimalism. A defector couple, a same-sex couple, a thrupple, a room mate, children that are old enough to handle their own belongings... what ever.

If you want to practice minimalism, and are in any living situation where the person or people you live with are seemly preventing you from doing so, This episode is for you.

I discuss:

- How to use frustration for clutter to deepen your own decluttering practice
- How to set boundaries around the other persons clutter
- What to do and what not to do when living with someone uninterest in minimalism

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