Ep 17. Post-Christmas Decluttering.

What a Jolly go time of year it is! 

For many people, Christmas can be a time of creating excess clutter, but you can use it as an opportunity to ditch some clutter and feel lighter heading into the near year. 

In this episode I discuss: 

  • How Christmas can cause clutter
  • Why after Christmas is the perfect time to declutter
  • All the details about a free Post-Christmas decluttering challenge I have
  • How 15 minutes a day can seriously make a difference to how you feel in your home heading into the new year. 
  • A quick word of advise for those wanting to do deeper declutter

To sign up to the challenge... https://www.sortitoutsustainably.com/12days


I've created these free resources to  support you on a journey to a simpler, more sustainable, organised life:


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