Ep 24: Digital Clutter 101

In episode 24 I discuss:

- The main causes of clutter and why it is the same for both physical and digital clutter
- Why digital clutter affects us so much and sabotages our productivity
- How we can align our time online with our values
- The connection between digital clutter and climate change
- How deleting emails reduces your carbon footprint
- What life can feel like #digitalclutterfree
- My free 1-hour challenge to simplify your digital life
- Decluttering your computer files, email, Facebook notifications, Instagram following list, phone apps and photos.

Click this link to download the PDF guide to my 60-minute digital clutter challenge https://www.sortitoutsustainably.com/digital-clutter


Other cool shit to check out:

Take the quiz to find out what type of minimalist you are :
Do you find it difficult to make decisions on what should stay or go while decluttering?
I created a PDF decision-making cheatsheet that you can keep handy for when you get to those tricky items.

Get my $11 Minimalism mini-course
Designed to help you radically shift your relationship with stuff and sling your actions with your values... in just a few


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